Scan to PC Professional

(Version 10)


The Scan to PC Desktop Professional 10 solution includes the following Nuance components.

PaperPort Professional 11

PaperPort provides the easiest way to turn paper into organised digital documents that everybody in an office can quickly find and use. PaperPort works with scanners, multifunction printers, and networked digital copiers to turn paper documents into digital documents, it helps manage them along with all other electronic documents in one convenient and easy-to-use filing system. PaperPort?s large, clear item thumbnails allow you to visually organise, retrieve and use your scanned documents, including Word files, spreadsheets, PDF files and even digital photos. PaperPort?s Scanner Enhancement Technology tools ensure that scanned documents will look great while the annotation tools let you add notes and highlights to any scanned image. Organise, find and share all your paper and digital documents via your PC Desktop.

PDF Converter Professional 5 Enterprise

Create PDF Files
PDF Create! 5 lets you create PDF files from a wide range of file types. The Print dialog box in your print-capable applications will offer a printer named ScanSoft PDF Create! The PDF Create! Assistant lets you compile a list of files generated by different applications. You can also create PDFs from XPS files. Each file can be converted to a separate PDF file, or they can be combined, overlaid or packaged into a single file. When working in Microsoft ® Word TM, Excel ®, PowerPoint or Outlook you can call on the program to create a PDF file directly from your current document. When converting from Microsoft Word, hyperlinks and comments can be transferred and you can set bookmarks to be generated from the structure of the Word document. Files can be protected by passwords and can include watermarks.

Edit PDF Files
PDF Converter Professional gives you extensive control over your PDF files through an easy-to-use browsing and reading interface. You can edit pages and documents, annotate and review them, adjust document security, sign your documents and more. PDF documents can be compiled from different sources and pages can be rearranged. The program delivers a powerful document management system: use it to create archives from related documents to index and search them later. Alternatively, in the Enterprise edition, you can access different document management systems through the application: use them to store or archive your PDF documents.

Export PDF Files
PDF Converter 5 lets you unlock PDF and XPS files to edit them as Microsoft ® Word TM, Microsoft ® Excel ®, Microsoft ® PowerPoint ®, Corel ® WordPerfect TM, and generic RTF files. It also lets you open PDF files directly from these applications, edit them and save them in the appropriate file type. It converts PDF files up to and including version 1.7. The program offers four types of conversions: standard documents, legal documents, forms and spreadsheets.

OmniPage Professional 16

OmniPage Professional 16 provides OCR capability and can automatically batch convert files; use multi-function printers to automatically scan and convert high-volumes of documents; monitor, recognise and convert files from incoming emails directly to your network; access scanned files from anywhere in your organisation; archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint; highlight and redact document data to improve collaboration and maintain confidentiality.

Supported file types
Supported image file formats for loading are TIFF, PCX, DCX, BMP, JPEG, JB2, JP2, GIF, PNG, XIFF, MAX, PDF, XPS.

Supported file types for saving recognition results as text are:
HTML 3.2, 4.0
Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007
Microsoft PowerPoint 97
Microsoft Publisher 98
Microsoft Word 97, 2000, XP, 2003 (WordML), 2007
OmniPage Documents
PDF (Normal), Edited, with image on text, with image substitutes
RTF Word 6.0/95, RTF Word 97, RTF Word 2000, RTF 2000 ExactWord
WordPerfect 12, X3
Text, Text with line breaks, Text - Formatted, Text - Comma Separated
Unicode Text, Unicode Text with line breaks, Unicode Text - Formatted, Unicode Text - Comma Separated
Wave Audio Converter (to save recognized text being read aloud)
In OmniPage Professional 16 there is also support for: eBook, Microsoft InfoPath (for forms), Microsoft Reader, and XML.

<2>Image Retriever Professional 9

Retrieving images in Scan to PC Desktop v10 Professional Edition. There are two ways to bring images into the PaperPort desktop in the Professional Edition of Scan to PC Desktop. Image Retriever (see below) and DesktopDelivery, an integrated folder monitoring and e-mail polling application in PaperPort Professional 11.

Image Retriever is designed to monitor a specified folder on a networked file server or local hard drive for incoming scanned images and transfer them to your local PaperPort Desktop. It can also monitor e-mail inboxes for attachments.

Supported network operating systems
Image Retriever works with a number of industry-standard network operating systems

  • Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x using Bindery
  • Netware 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x using NDS
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003 Server
Supported client operating systems.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista (32 and 64-bit versions) Supported e-mail clients.
  • Microsoft Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007;
  • Lotus Notes 5.x, Lotus Notes 6.x, and Lotus Notes 7.0
Supported image file formats 
Image Retriever supports the following file formats:
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • XPS

PSP Server

PSP server is not available with the release of Scan to PC Desktop Professional 10. The PSP Server / Personalised Scanning is only applicable to EIP enabled devices from Xerox Corporation.


These are the MINIMUM system requirements.

PaperPort Professional 11 & Image Retriever 9

  • Microsoft® Windows 2000 SP4 or above, Windows XP SP2 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64- bit
  • Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent
  • 128 MB RAM, 256 MB RAM or higher recommended
  • 300 MB free hard disk space
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (free download available at
  • CD-ROM drive (required for installation)
  • SVGA monitor with 256 colours, but preferably 16-bit colour (called High Colour in Windows 2000 and Medium Colour in XP and Vista) and 800 x 600 pixel resolution
  • A Web connection is required for registration

OmniPage Professional 16

  • Intel® Pentium® III or higher processor or its equivalent. Intel Core Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD X2 Dual Core 3600+ recommended for advanced performance.
  • Windows 2000 (from Service Pack 2), Windows XP 32 bit (from Service Pack 2), Windows XP 64-bit,Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • 256 MB of memory (RAM), 1GB recommended for advanced performance.
  • 150 MB of free hard disk space for the application files and sample images, plus 70 MB working space during installation. An additional 245 MB for RealSpeakTM Solo speech modules (nine languages)
  • 20 MB for ScanSoft PDF Create! and 250 MB for PaperPort
  • 1024x768 pixel colour monitor with 16-bit colour or greater video card
  • CD-ROM drive for installation
  • A sound card and speaker for reading text aloud
  • To save DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files (Microsoft Office 2007 Word, Excel and PowerPoint file formats) or to load and save XPS files (XML Paper Specification files), you should install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 if you are not already running Windows Vista or have Office 2007 installed.

PDF Converter Professional 5 Enterprise

  • Intel® Pentium® or higher processor or equivalent.
  • Microsoft® Windows® : Windows 2000 (SP 4), Windows XP (SP 2), Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit Editions, Windows 2003 Server.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.
  • 256MB RAM (512 MB recommended).
  • 200MB of free hard disk space for application files plus 50MB working space during installation.
  • SVGA monitor with 256 colours, but preferably 16-bit colour (called High Colour in Windows 2000 and Medium Colour in XP) and 800 x 600 pixel resolution.
  • Windows-compatible pointing device.
  • CD-ROM drive for installation.
  • If Windows Vista is not installed; Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 is required in order to save to DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX file formats (Microsoft Office 2007 formats) The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 can be installed on Windows XP but cannot be installed on Windows 2000.
  • Sound card is optionally required for using the functionality of the supplied Text-To-Speech Engine.
  • Microsoft® Office 2007 (SP 1) is required to leverage the complete functionality included for XPS files.
Note: Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large colour PDF files. Hyperthread enabled or multi-processor systems can deliver better performance.




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