CentreWare Web


CentreWare Web is an innovative web based device management software that installs, configures, manages, monitors and reports on SNMP compliant networked printers and multifunction devices in the enterprise - regardless of manufacturer.

See Everywhere

CentreWare Web installs, configures, manages, and troubleshoots print devices and queues for all SNMP compliant devices regardless of manufacturer. It also provides a customised summary status of printers, multifunction devices and queues within and organisation's network ? on demand from virtually any web browser.

Take Control

Its Smart eSolutions feature also simplifies ownership and administration of the device using:

  • Meter Assistant
    To automatically submit meter readings eliminating the need for manual collation and reporting
  • Supplies Assistant
    To automatically email administrators when device consumables (e.g. toner and paper) are running low and need replacing.

Know Everything

CentreWare Web generates extensive, immediately actionable reports on devices, status, accounting, and alert history. Reports can be scheduled and customised by groups of devices to help determine how efficiently resources are being used.

Work Simpler

CentreWare Web employs dynamic menus, a customisable view and a tree structure that helps even first-time users get up to speed within minutes. It also includes an extensive built-in help function to help resolve issues quickly









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