It includes the batch scanning interface, but many of the base features found in PRO are not enabled (i.e. invisible). LITE does include the OCR and MFD modules. It is available for single seat sales. The additional modules that are available for PRO can not be added to LITE, unless the client upgrades from LITE to PRO first.


It's the core batch scanning application. It includes the batch scanning interface, and all of the base features in PRO are enabled. PRO includes MFD, OCR and PUBLISH. The base features can be extended by adding any of the other remaining PRO modules (AUDIT,BCR, EDRMS, KFI, ROUTING, UPLOAD)

  • Audit
    Captures job statistics in a SQL compliant MS Access database file
  • BCR
    Adds bar code recognition capability to Ezescan. Barcode recognition can be used as a means of separating batches of documents, or auto indexing documents using the barcode value as either a file name or directory name during the indexing process.
    Whereas PRO simply saves files into an output directory, EDRMS adds the ability to save a document into one of the supported backend EDRMS systems. During the save process the EDRMS profile/registration screen is displayed to the operator. The operator fills in the required fields and the document is then store directly into the EDRMS system, and removed from the output directory.
  • KFI (Key From Image)
    The only drawback to the EDRMS module is that each time the profile/registration screen is displayed to the user it is basically blank and so therefore the operator has to re key or re select every field on the form. There is no retention of field values between EDRMS profile screen for successive documents. For many users with adhoc documents this is not really an issue since the documents indexing filed values will change from document to document. But for some users the ability to reduce the number of data entry fields being retyped is significant and that what our KFI module can help to do. Instead of filling in field indexes on the EDRMS profile screen, the user simply answers the same types of questions within our KFI indexing panel. With it's ability to reuse indexes, and it's OCR, ICR, OMR and BCR recognition options the KFI module can be configured to reduce the number of keystrokes required to capture all of the relevant field indexes for the document.
  • Upload
    The KFI process will create an image file and a file that contains the indexing field values that the operator keyed in during the KFI process. These files exist in the output directory. They can be autoloaded into one of the supported EDRMS systems using the UPLOAD module. The UPLOAD module maps the user defined fields generated by the KFI processing to the relevant EDRMS system indexing fields. Without UPLOAD, KFI would simply produce images and file containing indexing information and leave them on the local hard drive. With UPLOAD these items can be automatically placed into one of the supported EDRMS systems.
  • Routing
    Adds the ability to route documents to recipients. Routing Rules are constructed by an adminstrator that define how documents will be routed. Routing is usually runs as a service. The features of EzeScan PRO are unavailable whilst the application is running in ROUTING mode


System Requirements

  • Windows 98, NT, W2K, XP
    • Simple installation process
    • Minimal training required to operate
    • Documentation provided in PDF
    • Licensed on a per workstation basis
    • Scan as many pages as you like, there are no volume based restrictions






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