ApeosPort-IV C7780/C6680/C5580

Electronic fax
If there is a concern about faxes getting lost in piles of other documents, this feature eliminates paper wastage and provides peace of mind. It will route incoming faxes to a nominated email address, folder or network connected PC for retrieval and further distribution on demand.

Restrict users from sending faxes to numbers not listed in your address book. This security feature will help protect the leakage of confidential information and reduce costs by preventing users from using the fax function for non-business related purposes.

Capture and store undelivered faxes sent directly from the device
The fax number can be edited at the user interface and re-sent if required, without rescanning the document(s).

Block unwanted (junk) fax numbers
This allows you to block specified fax numbers, so it does not print faxes received from those numbers in the future.









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