Key Features and Benefits

DocuPrint C2255

Self-Scanning LED Print Head Technology

  • 1,200 dpi Self-Scanning LED chips 
    This assures high quality printing with 14,592 emitting points comprising of 256 dots x 57 chips.
  • Newly designed lens 
    The optically precise lenses produce highly accurate images on the drum.
  • Full-featured ASIC Driver 
    The small, intelligent ASIC driver assures precise control of the Self-Scanning LED chips.
  • Image enhancement processing 
    Images are scanned in two directions (rather than one) on a finer matrix than with conventional technology. This produces smoother lines, especially those at slight angles, for razor-sharp text and graphics.
  • MACS (Mirco Accurate Control Screen) digital screening 
    It uses Fuji Xerox HQ digital screen technology (normally found only in high-end printers), which controls pixel production based on image density. This results in smooth gradation and excellent highlight reproduction.

Cutting Edge Security

The DocuPrint C2255 ensures that your confidential documents remain confidential. Its built-in and optional security features mean you can always print with total peace of mind. These include:

  • IPv6+IPSec, IEEE802.1X authentication and SNMPv3 compatible for TCP/IP
  • IPP+SSL security print
  • Hard disk overwrite
  • Print user control
  • Control panel lock
  • Hidden University Unique Identifier (UUID) mark to detect copied documents
  • Secure Watermark to protect hardcopy

Out-of-Box Capability for Enterprise Applications

  • SAP ® R/3® 
     - Customisable ApeosWare device type for duplex printing and input / output trays 
     - PostScript and PCL barcode printing 
     - Unicode Printing (require multi-language font kit (E40/145) and optional hard disk)
  • Citrix ® Presentation 
     -Citrix printing via Print Utility for Citrix XenApp
  • Server™
     - Access all printer features (i.e. duplex printing, N-Up, tray select, etc.)

Environmentally Friendly

DocuPrint C2255 is manufactured using our trend-setting “Biomass-Plastic”. The Biomass-Plastic contains a specified minimum quantity of organic resources like plants. And in this case, the organic resource is corn. In addition, it has other features:

  • Energy-saving sleep mode of 3W or less
  • Lead-free and halogen-free construction
  • International Energy Star certified
  • Reduced CO2 emissions of up to 35% in the manufacturing of EA-HG Toner
  • Reduced CO2 emissions of up to 16% in the manufacturing of Biomass-Plastic












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