Key Features and Benefits

DocuPrint CP205

Quietly brilliant

»» S-LED (Self-Scanning Light Emitting Diode) and DELCIS (Digitally-Enhanced Lighting Control Imaging System) control technology ensure you get accurate, high-imaging quality at true 1200x2400 dpi. Small and intelligent S-LED chips with fewer moving parts give you ultra-quiet operation, reduced energy usage, a high level of operational reliability and a sleek compact design.

High-speed colour correction

»» IReCT (Image Registration Control Technology) is a newly developed digital image registration control technology giving the ultra high precision of 2,400dpi colour print out, by which image misalignments will be accurately corrected through digital process.

Brilliant highlight

»» MACS (Micro Accurate Control Screen) optimizes the shape of screen elements in accordance with the image density of the area. This technology offers reproduction of smooth gradations and beautiful highlight.

Razor-sharp images

»» IE (Image Enhancement) technology improves flexibility in the number of screen lines, shapes and angles by scanning in two directions on a finer matrix to give you razor-sharp images, text and graphics.

Reduced engery consumption

»» EA(Emulsion Aggregation)-Eco toner is a newly developed special toner that allows fusing to paper at a much lower temperature so you can save up to 20% power consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 35% compared to conventional. That means bigger cost savings for you and a greener planet for us all. 

EA-Eco toner is completely oil free with the sharp-melting characteristics which provide the right gloss even on different types of paper. 

Overall EA-Eco toner reduces power consumption by approximately 40% in glossy mode. EA-Eco toner offers you this energy saving performance.

Network Ready

»» Allow sharing within the workgroup

Stylish Design

»» Smallest color that fit nicely on any work desk

Run Back Print

»» Allow continue print in black without replacing color toner cartridges when it’s empty

Energy Star Qualified

»» It save energy and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and process








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