Key Features

DocuWide 3030

Advanced system controller keeps work flowing

The DocuWide 3030 series includes an embedded controller that supports a wide variety of data formats and provides an open environment for smooth collaboration with other departments. In addition, a 'PrintServices on Web' function allows you to check and monitor the printer's - 'ready or not? status, roll paper size and type etc - from a remote location.

Energy saver & friend to our environment

The DocuWide 3030 series has been designed in keeping with environmental guidelines, which meet the requirements of the International Energy Star Program. Low energy consumption, low emissions and low noise output are hallmarks of the series.

Scanning options that give you more

The DocuWide 3030 series offers you a valuable choice of scanning, storage and sharing functions. For example, a 600 x 600dpi resolution scanner allows for precision scanning at a lightning speed of 76.2mm/sec. Even hand-written drawings and documents can easily be digitised, stored and managed?. In a flash. Plus network scan features mean that this information can be shared across your network in optimum modes for editing or processing.

Enhanced productivity and document handling

The DocuWide 3030 series keeps you working smoothly and efficiently with features such as 'BT-PlotAssist', which enables batch output of multiple drawing data, itself initialised simply by dragging and dropping files or data on your desktop. In addition, a Job Memory feature means you do not have to repeat multiple settings each time you re-do a job. A range of media loading options enables you to set various paper types including plain paper, tracing paper and film to ensure ongoing productivity and seamless operation.

Space saver

The sleek, compact design makes the DocuWide 3030 series well suited for even the smallest offices, without compromising functionality, quality or speed. Save precious office space and minimise costs with the multifunction DocuWide 3030MF, which combines the functions of a scanner, copier and printer.



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