Meter Readings

To ease your workload, OASys interfaces with any one or more of your organisation?s supported Fuji Xerox multifunction devices to automate the process of extracting device meter readings. Using this solution, meter readings can automatically be emailed to any nominated email address on a monthly basis.

Capture Device Usage

Enabling Auditron1 on your OASys interfacing devices takes the capabilities of this solution even further. Using this technology, OAsys collects details such as document size (number of pages) paper type (A4, A3, A5 etc) and colour support of all copy, print, scan and fax transactions produced by individual users or groups on these devices.

Monitor Device Usage

The OASys reporting function will allow you to bring all this device usage information together in one or more comprehensive reports. This information will help you assess device utilisation and manage the costs by placing usage restrictions on individuals found to be overusing the device. These reports can be device or group centric according to your preference.

Centralised Management

With centralised management you can configure various aspects of OASys from you local networked PC without having to install any management or reporting software.

OASys also interfaces directly with Microsoft Active Directory and SNMP Discovery to quickly and easily upload new user and device information.



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