DocuCentre-II 7000/6000

Print directly without drivers

Printing DocuWorks, PDF and TIFF files is simple. Just drag and drop the file you want to the ContentsBridge Utility, or use the Job Submission function of the CentreWare Internet Service and let the DocuCentre-II 7000/6000 do the rest! Forget the drivers and complete your printing in seconds.

Print multiple documents the way you want to

Save your documents into the mailbox of the DocuCentre-II 7000/6000 using the printer driver installed on the PC. Now you have total control over what you want printed in the manner needed! Select different multi-page documents from the mailbox and print them in the order you desire.

Print without worries about compatibility

DocuCentre multifunction device works seamlessly in Citrix MetaFrame® network environments.

Full range of features in the Auto Created Client Printers (ACCP)

User print settings remain the same when running applications on the LAN or through the ACCP High speed data communication through Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol





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