DocuCentre-II 3005

Priority interruption for urgent print jobs

Enhance your workflow and efficiency. With this handy feature, you can now momentarily interrupt continuous copy jobs to process your priority print wait jobs.

Secure Print

This prevents direct output of the print jobs sent to DocuCentre-II 3005. After sending a print job, users must enter a password at the control panel in order for the documents to be printed. Any print jobs stored on the DocuCentre-II 3005 are printed when the passwords is input.

Private Charge Print

This allows administrators to force users to store print in private password protected directories. When output is desired, the user must authenticate at the control panel, then select the documents to be printed.

Secure IPP

SSL encryption assures the confidentiality of data in document printed via IPP. Should a print job be intercepted while in transit, SSL encryption assures that the document data remains secure.

Citrix® MetaFrame® compatibility

DocuCentre-II 3005 printers integrate seamlessly into both Citrix MetaFrame and SAP R/3 network environments allows for easy rollout and administration of network printers in addition to expanded printer functionality.








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