Product Overview

DocuColor 1450 GA

Currently, designers and creators are anticipated to provide their active contributions in various fields of business. Consequently, color output devices require an even higher level of performance than before, including accurate color management and color reproduction.

DocuColor 1450 GA provides performance such as an output resolution of 2,400 dpi*, and supports direct output of CMYK 1 bit TIFF data, whereby supporting creative work by assisting smooth printing workflows and promoting accurate color checking of design phase.

In addition to color management functions according to the usage environment, the device can also be utilized as a high level on-demand printer, with a wide range of media handling and a gloss control function, etc.

As a multifunction device (MFD) with authentication functions, it also promotes secure and efficient operations.

This single device provides the accurate color reproduction and high precision image quality desired by professional graphic artists.

DocuColor 1450 GA is response to the communication of tomorrow.


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